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Blue Gold to H20 Project: A Message from Samuel Vartek

As a documentary filmmaker, Samuel Vartek made the feature "Blue Gold: World Water Wars" (as Sam Bozzo), based on the ground-breaking book and narrated by Malcolm McDowell. The film won international awards, including the Vancouver International Film Festival, has screened theatrically in Japan and is available in the USA via PBS Video, iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon VOD.

In the science-fiction film “The Man Who Fell to Earth”, David Bowie famously portrayed an alien from a planet running out of water. He left. However, we — on planet earth — cannot. Ironically, it was while researching and writing a sequel to that film — in which we imagined a futuristic earth itself running out of water — that my producer Si Litvinoff found the book “Blue Gold: The Battle Against Corporate Theft of the World’s Water.”

After reading the book, I was horrified to discover that what was happening on our planet now was worse than what we were dreaming up for science fiction. I contacted the authors and began a several-year journey making the documentary “Blue Gold: World Water Wars”.

Traveling the world making the film, I met activists and citizens who were all effected by the growing trend of governments allowing their water supply to be bought and sold by corporations vs. remaining in the public rights of the people. This ranged from Michigan citizens’ farms being drained by Nestle and fighting in court, to citizens taking to the streets in revolution in Bolivia and being shot down by military protecting corporate interests.

In every corner of the world, people were fighting for their basic rights to water, which we need to survive. And they still are. The problem has not diminished since I made the film ten years ago, but I have been honored by the impact the film has had in spreading the word. A sixth grade girl in Canada saw the film and spoke with her major to keep their water public. Activist groups use the film around the world in similiar fashion. I’ve created a Facebook page to spread the word of water conflict news, and so have unknowingly become an expert on a subject that should not exist, since water should belong to the people.

Only through further films and blogs and books can we spread the word of this problem globally and hopefully make water a human right it should be.

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