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Everyone deserves clean accessible water

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If you knew people lived without access to clean water, wouldn't you do something?? 


Create awareness about H20 quality and access,  help people in need receive assistance, find solutions for the future, and encourage community empathy.  

Two students from Northampton County at the Cape Charles Christian School on set in 2020
Dr. Gerald Boyd, Licensed Psychologist at ESTACI (Eastern Shore Training and Consulting) telling us about poverty alleviation among many related subtopics that arose during the "discovery" of the documentary thesis
Agriculture Drone:  Exciting ways technology can improve our lives, right down to the basics

The H20 Project

Advocacy and Awareness

Awareness is the foundation of action. The goal of The H20 Project is to explore the implications of water poverty, inspired by the Delmarva Peninsula. Water poverty is defined as a situation where a nation, region or individual cannot afford the cost of sustainable clean water due to a variety of factors including but not limited to: climate ebb & flow, natural calamities such as droughts and floods from habitat destruction, systems requiring updates, inefficient usage and structures, lack of viable data regarding indoor structures of residential dwellings, consumer poverty, especially in rural areas without access to municipal water, lack of efficacious resources for individuals to advocate for themselves due to overburdened social organizations, pollution, a global rise in freshwater demand and overuse of aquifers in pain spots which leads to a slower than ideal recharge. A primary goal of this project is to help people have access to a water quality test that is all-encompassing yet affordable as well as to help individuals in need who don't have access to potable water or plumbing.

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Long Term Goal

Device with Robust Panel of Water Testing Capabilities at an Affordable Level

...not your typical water quality kit?

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Do you want to learn more about The H20 Project or how to get involved?  Reach out:

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