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Everyone deserves clean accessible water

The H20 Project, Inc., is a non profit organization

Meet The Water Project

Advocacy and Awareness

Awareness is the foundation of action. The goal of The Water Project is to serve as a catalyst for change using the medium of film to explore the vast implications of water poverty, beginning with the Delmarva Peninsula and continuing to Tuncarta, Ecuador.


Waver poverty is defined as a situation where a nation or region cannot afford the cost of sustainable clean water to all people at all times due to climate change, natural calamities such as droughts and floods, increased human consumption, overuse and waste of water, industrial and environmental pollution, a global rise in freshwater demand and overuse of aquifers and its consequent slow recharge.


Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of households on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with potable water and indoor plumbing, inspire community resiliency in the face of shifting global and environmental and social needs, widen the scope of communication pipelines between private and public source loads of water consumption and facilitate meaningful conversations about water as a finite resource.

We hope through this film we can inspire collective introspection in our approaches to engineering a better world through a cohesive application of many perspectives. Through the collection and interpretation of meaningful and reliable anecdotal, empirical and qualitative data, we hope to foster a new love and appreciation for water conservation, consumption and preservation.


Water is one of the most basic and precious elements to life itself and a basic human right we must all work together to exalt  as more than just an expendable commodity, but instead a resource that must be protected.


This project is in partnership with

Eastern Shore Training And
Consulting, Inc.

Empowering Women, Empowering Girls, Fathering Circle, Young Leaders Scholarships, Housing 2.0 -ESTACI

Muchos ven desde la ventana queriendo un mundo mejor, en TEPIAPA, el mundo lo hacemos mejor.


 Official Trailer

Due to Covid19, the release date of the full documentary is Summer of 2021

If you knew people still lived without potable water, would you do something?

Goals of The H20 Project:


Create Awareness about Water Poverty

 Help People in Need Receive Assistance


 Find Solutions for the Future

Encourage Community & Empathy


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Image 20.JPG
Agriculture Drone

Community Support

Awareness & Facilitation

Government Aid

Grants & Budget Review

Research & Funding

Reliable Data & Water Quality Tests


Clelia Jane Sheppard

Gerald Boyd
Psy.D., M.Div., CADC-II, CAMS, MRT


Sergio Lorenzana


Victor Sauca

Water Panel.PNG

Part of the donations are to test for this "panel" via enthalpy labs

not your average water quality kit

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