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Clelia Jane Sheppard

Gerald Boyd
Psy.D., M.Div., CADC-II, CAMS, MRT

Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Psychology

Theological Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Master of Divinity in Transpersonal Psychology

Institute for Self-Transcendence, Atlanta, GA


Sergio Lorenzana

Clelia Jane Sheppard is a graduate of The College of William and Mary with a focus on Psychology and Environmental Studies.   She is a photographer and writer of comic books, gathering visual vignettes of American life from Truchas, New Mexico to Chincoteague Island of Virginia.    She served in Americorps where she worked on habitat restoration and public advocacy of the Leave No Trace Act through the Wyoming National Parks system.   

Gerald is an experienced behavioral health professional with corroborated success in forming relationships, performing clinical evaluations, developing treatment strategies, providing individual and group therapy, caseload management, documentation, and conducting psycho-educational skills-building groups that help the chemical dependent client achieve recovery and reduce and prevent relapse.  Choice-Based Anger Management counseling provided in both individual and group counseling settings, as well as counseling for perpetrators of intimate partner violence.  Over ten years of work with diverse populations of men re-entering society from prison, including those diagnosed with co-occurring disorders.  Special skills in trauma-informed treatment and evidence-based therapies such as Moral Reconation Therapy; acknowledged for alignment of current addiction information with program goals and client needs.

Sergio M. Lorenzana is an Emmy nominated, award-winning Cinematographer from Chesapeake, Virginia. Most commonly known for his commercial and fashion work featuring brands and talent such as Adidas, Nike, Nissan, Air Jordans, T.I, Akoo, No Malice, Philly Freeway, Shy Glizzy, Pharrell Williams, Playboi Carti, Kat Von D, Shomi Patwary, and Lil Uzi Vert. His content has been featured on MTV, BET, Amazon, and Online Magazines.

Victor Sauca, contributor from South America.

Victor Sauca

I am Victor Sauca, 29 years old, I was born into an Indigenous family that is part of the Saraguro Kichwa people whose traditional homelands are in the southern Ecuadorian Andes. In 2015 I gained an international studies scholarship from the Ecuadorian government which I took advantage of to pursue a degree in First Nations and Indigenous Studies at the University of British Columbia - UBC, Vancouver, Canada. 

While at UBC I became much more interested in connecting with my people’s culture, heritage and territory at deeper intellectual, scientific, experiential and spiritual levels. After graduating at UBC, before applying for a master’s degree, I decided to “graduate” in my people’s traditional sciences or at least dedicate to it the same amount of time and discipline I dedicated to my undergraduate studies. I am in that process now and working to find ways to give back the generosity I received until now. One of those ways is to bridge the traditional with the contemporary at the scientific dimension contributing with those efforts to the accomplishment of a more conscious and empowered kind of human being. 

Currently, I hold the Research Lead position as a part-time worker for Native Land Digital. Also, I am the head of the Youths Department of a local organization of which my community Tuncarta is part of. 

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