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Updated: Apr 18

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In 2009 I went for the first time to the Eastern Shore and I was mesmerized by the People, the culture, and the breathtaking views. It was the perfect place to live, but it was hard for me to stay; nevertheless, year after year, I went back to learn and enjoy the Eastern Shore's fullness. I continue to visit and somehow get involved more and more with its people, its reality, trying to improve the lives of farmworkers.

The urgency to fight injustice, poverty, climate change, migration, and many other issues that threaten our humanity, our planet, freedom, and peace moved me to challenge the pre-established standards common in academia, traditional organizations, and our society in general. That pursuit took years of formation, research, and learning; today, I can say every single effort is worth it when I see people have an opportunity for a better life.

However, thinking outside of the box is not an easy enterprise. It comes with uncountable bumps on the roads, mockery, and even rejection. Hence, the journey to make a change in this world at any level comes with a high price; as Churchill said in his famous speech, blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

Nevertheless, I am not the only one who shares those experiences. Instead, as time passes, more and more people are thinking outside of the box, making this world a better place; more public leaders, superstars, and politicians have decided to embark on this journey.

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Today I am part of a Non-Governmental Organization called Tepiapa Co. This organization dedicates its time and efforts to preserve, protect and promote a good life to native indigenous in the northern part of Colombia. Tepiapa Co believes that through humanitarian deeds, academic research, techniques, and technology, we can establish a new lifestyle caring for others, respecting nature, and finding sustainable means to find meaning as human beings.

After twelve years of being for the first time at the Eastern Shore, I am excited to

begin an alliance with the H20 Project, Inc. This alliance means a joint effort to see new ways to promote: clean water, sustainable practices of life, and responsible stewardship of our world's resources. Furthermore, it is a sign that regardless of the distance, the language, and the origin, the goals and the efforts are shared.

Finally, I would like to invite all of you to learn more about the H20 Project, Inc. and Tepiapa Co. These two initiatives aim to implement feasible projects to improve the lives of many people who struggle daily with essential things like water and food. As you follow us, you will know more ways and opportunities to generate fundamental changes in your neighborhoods, cities, and country, and why not have a tangible impact on humanity.


Hector Amortegui

To learn more about Tepiapa Co., start with their Instagram


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