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An Exercise in Jargon Futility

Updated: 5 days ago

(to be updated and amended soon, addressing the disconnect of information vs. implementation)

The town of Exmore, VA, situated in Accomac County on Virginia's Eastern Shore, is set to receive state and federal funding for a sewer project. However, this funding comes with a condition: every household must connect to the new sewer system. Town Manager Robert Duer estimates that this could cost approximately $25,000 per household, covering attorney’s fees, court costs, and installation fees.

$25,000 for a holdout on conditions of mandatory connection to a town easement

Some residents, particularly those with functioning septic systems already in place, have raised objections to this requirement.

Those who have not signed their easements could face financial difficulties. To secure the necessary funding, Exmore may need to take legal action against homeowners who have not yet signed the easements.

This situation highlights the challenges faced when implementing local solutions that require adherence to specific technicalities.

Often, these solutions can create additional problems for individuals and businesses that were meant to benefit.

In a related development, a recent article noted a drop in transient occupancy rates. While this may seem positive, there are concerns that the studies may not accurately capture the true number of transient individuals.

Many transient people are not included in reporting or data gathering, presenting a challenge in addressing this issue without infringing upon individuals' rights to privacy and freedom.


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