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How Much Would It Cost to Create a Water Test?

For a simple investment into researching and creating a tangible project? $12,000-17,000

Project Estimate

Project Summary

For this project, we must research and explore options for obtaining the desired water test data in a more accessible kit. Our main objectives will be to focus on how the main chemicals are currently tested, the viability of miniaturizing these devices/machines, and whether a key grouping of chemicals can be tested with similar sensors/methods. We will begin by establishing the list of chemicals we would like to explore and prioritizing the list based on team feedback. Research will then be done to understand the different lab tests and/or machines that are used to provide this information to group chemicals into different detection categories. This will provide a foundation to build upon where feasibility and size reduction strategies can be considered from a high level to present options for potential next steps in follow-on phases.

Project Goals

The primary goal is to obtain additional information on the feasibility of a test kit that meets these needs, working through the discovery phase to establish a comprehensive foundation for the project.


  • ●  Project planning

  • ○  Develop a priority list of water contaminants to test for

  • ○  Engineering task creation/assignments

  • ○  Review of existing technology and test methods for the specified list

  • ●  Industrial design and brainstorming

  • ○  Conceptualizing user interface and potential visuals of the product

  • ○  Exploring different ways to accomplish desired features of the product

  • ○  Understanding the feasibility of the potential test kit

  • ●  Final presentation to outline findings and potential next steps Engineering Hours 50 - 70 hours Engineering Investment $12,250 - $17,150

Project Assumptions and Challenges

Developing a product usually comes with risks and challenges. Our role is to help you identify, evaluate, and overcome them. We want to be open and honest with you throughout the project so we’ve started by putting together a list of potential risks/challenges we have identified.

● Understanding the current technology and machines used to detect these contaminants will provide further clarity on how/if their size can be reduced and combined into a smaller consumer-facing package.

Not Included in this Phase

A few tasks we have agreed we aren’t ready to focus on at this stage:

  • ●  Engineering and design, as the focus will be on research and conceptualizing based on findings of current systems.

  • ●  A physical prototype, as the output from this phase will be a final presentation of findings and suggestions based on information gathered.

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