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The Conversation of Rainwater: The Blue Alternative

Updated: Apr 8

By 2025 there will be 3 billion people living in waterless regions of the world. Climatic extremes, flooding, long droughts, forest fires, drop in groundwater reserves, decrease in soil fertility and biodiversity will impact the creation and regeneration of groundwater supply resources.

Where did the water go? Sea levels are currently rising which impacts human populations living on islands or in coastal regions. Satellites measured an average rise of 3.3 mm per year from 1993 to 2009, over a decade ago.

The Blue Alternative Solution offers a solution for water retention in dry areas, which may be more prevalent and in unexpected areas by 2035:

We could see an end to dragonflies.

The Blue Alternative Solution can be used for the following issues:

1. Creating and regenerating groundwater resources

2. Improve water quality

3. Flood and drought prevention

4. Production Potential and Biodiversity

5. Natural disasters, Rising ocean levels and Iceberg melting.

6. 6. Atmospheric water vapour layer

The conservation of rainwater on land and the selling of only the natural surplus of water in a region is essential for ensuring the environmental security, global stability and the sustenance of economic growth. Fulfilling these interests should be of interest to each individual and each community.

Please, consider googling and informing yourself of the works of Michal Kravcik, he has solutions for water issues we will all be facing; that have been unfurling for quite some time now.

Please check out more information regarding the Blue Alternative and leave feedback below.

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