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Welcome to the Water Project!

Updated: Apr 8

Hello Reader, hopefully this blog post finds you well, thank you for visiting. Please read all the blog posts to stay up to date on the purpose of The Water Project.

We are a team of eclectic creatives filming a documentary on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to spread awareness about the lack of potable running water & related systems (or lack thereof) for an estimated projection of a thousand households spanning throughout Accomac and Northampton Counties. This lead to a journey to uncover the concept of water poverty here & abroad.

Our goal is to increase the number of households with running water. We are partnering with Dr. Gerald Boyd of ESTACI, Eastern Shore Training and Consulting Incorporated located in Exmore, Virginia to make this move for positive social change. One person, one home, one family without sustainable access to water is one too many.

Thank you Dr. Boyd & Eastern Shore Training and Consulting Incorporated for all your help and guidance in researching this issue.

The founders of ESTACI, Gerald and Polly Boyd, work firsthand with people affected most by faulty societal infrastructures that lead to issues like water poverty in the first place. Their work in the community inspired us to create this documentary with the hopes that additional change would be possible.

Water poverty simply means living in a state of affairs in which access to basic human health needs such as water are one financial mishap away, placing many in a precarious state that is detrimental to wellbeing. It also means there are people already living without access to potable water in their households, including for drinking, bathing and sewage.

Making Poverty Visible is a project of Eastern Shore Training and Consulting, Inc. (ESTACI), a non-profit organization committed to alleviating or eliminating poverty on the Eastern Shore of Virginia through grassroots social and economic projects.

Thank you ESTACI for all your organization has selflessly provided to the community.

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